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Portfolio Highlights

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How might we enhance the Uber Immigrant Driver experience?




How might we define a new Go-To-Market Strategy?



SaaS | WEB APP | B2B 





Evaluate and improve the Remote Controller for our new bot

My Path to UX

Dive deeper to learn how I created my path to UX.

2018 - 2019

Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction

Specialization in Psychology

Applied background in psychology and gained applied skills in quantitative and qualitative research methods, along with foundational human factors and ergonomics knowledge. Worked on mulitiple projects to research, improve, and develop intuitive tech and experiences based on user insights and data to create evidence-based, user-centered designs.


2012 - 2015


Bachelor of Science in Psychology, 

Sociology Minor

Focused on understanding people from a neurological, biological, developmental, cognitive, and sociological perspective. This became a foundation for my career for building empathy and understanding human behavior.



Volunteer & Beta Product Tester

Aided a mobile app-based startup to promote active lifestyles by connecting like-minded individuals to promote health and wellness. Helped with product testing to identify pain points, bugs, and provide feedback directly to the software developer.

2016 - 2017

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UX/UI Design | Expanding Branding

Worked internationally in South Africa for a technology-based marketing firm and wore many hats: Aided in UI design for an in-house, web-based management and tracking system and took survey data to provide digestible consumer product feedback reports for clients.

FALL 2018

UX Research & Design | The Home Depot

Tackled a company-wide challenge of task allocation and management by understanding pain points of in-store associates with interviews and contextual inquiries. Backed by feedback sessions and usability testing, we designed an app to connect store associates at the right time for the right reasons.


2017 - 2018


Usability Testing | Cognitive Ergonomics Lab

Helped to redesign and optimize the protocol to remove contaminated personal protective equipment (PPE) for Ebola-trained healthcare workers by conducting usability testing on PPE to identify pain points with error analysis, think-alouds, and workload assessments.

Funded by the CDC in collaboration across three labs: microbiology, design, and human factors


MARTA horizontal logo.png

UX Research & Design | ATL Public Transportation

Improved MARTA's current research & analysis methods by recommending a survey redesign, an upgraded consumer-facing app, and a data dashboard supported by user pain points with interviews, contextual inquiries, and artifact analysis supported by empathy maps, process flow diagrams, and participatory design focus groups.

FALL 2018

UX Research & Design | Class Project

Created an e-commerce website: a dynamic bicycle component customization tool by demonstrating the cost and benefits of products for a variety of specific needs and wants of users. Investigated user behavior with interviews, created design implications and parameters, created storyboards and narrative walkthroughs for mock-ups through iterations, and conducted usability testing with heuristic evaluations and questionnaires.

FALL 2019


UX Research & Design | SimTigrate Design Lab

Partnered with the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta to inform design for their new Biocontainment Units

by providing design implications, recommendations, and documentation of design decisions based on simulations and participatory design focus groups. 


UX Research | Uber

Promoted Universal Design by investigating pain points to help underrepresented groups of immigrant drivers with usability testing on the Driver's App, investigated service design for the Driver Experience with proctored field surveys and observations, and created a process book to help researchers conduct studies with low fluent or non-English speaking drivers. 


FALL 2019


UX Research | SimTigrate Design Lab

Partnered with Emory Healthcare and created a research plan to evaluate the built environment of a research facility to aid Mild Cognitive Impairment Fellows guided by metrics from Architects, Emory Program Coordinators, and Environmental Psychologists.

FALL 2019


UX Research & Design | Atlanta City Planning

Partnered with Atlanta City Planners to understand cyclists' safety concerns to help inform decisions about city infrastructure with a data visualization tool with cyclists' survey data.

2020 - 2022

User Researcher | Crunchbase

Established research practices at Crunchbase. Crafted 45 research reports that contributed to over 15 features/new products and product strategy by conducting end-to-end research that primarily focused on the web search experience and new tools & features for the homepage and personalization.


User Researcher | Nuro

The primary researcher for the Operations Platform that optimized autonomous delivery and fleet operations. Assessed current workflows and tools with field studies and human factors guidelines to define and improve new scalable hardware/software products and experiences for autonomous vehicles, robots, and various operators.

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