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I was born on Long Island, New York but raised near the North Georgia Mountains. This means that I have the ambition of a New Yorker who walks & talks far too fast but I also have the deep south's southern charm.


You can definitely say that I have an insatiable adventurous soul. My hobbies include climbing (rocks, mountains, ice), backpacking, feeling the burn in my thighs cycling, and practicing mindfulness with yoga. I believe my hobbies honed skills in problem-solving, perseverance, self-discipline, and my understanding that preparation and planning with flexibility is the key to success. I think there is an importance in overcoming your fears and push your limits to reach new heights. Figuratively and literally. 

My R&R means traveling to strange destinations. Far and wide. However, I never ask people how many places they have gone but what they have learned from their travels. For instance, I enjoy exploring new cities and countries to divulge in local cuisines. Most of all, I submerse myself in other cultures by seeking and connecting people with different perspectives.


I absolutely love listening to their narratives and learning from their experiences. Their stories become a part my story and a part of who I am.​

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Below are photos of my favorite memories or places! Please feel free to reach out about trips or tips on solo traveling!

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